I sometimes do my best thinking while mowing the grass. I guess this is why I have resisted the urge to pay someone to do the lawn for me. Hot, sweaty, dusty and loud…and yet, my brain just races with thoughts. I know some people think while driving. Others can only think when it is quiet. Still others (obviously) don’t think at all.

Upon reflection, it makes me wonder what I could come up if I were to mow grass all the time. Probably burn up all my neurons. Maybe having a detachment from other distractions is the real message.

Anyway, this last time mowing, I basically developed an entire plot for a novel. Now, I realize that the hard work is in the actual writing of the story…not in the development of the outline. But, it is all there. The hero. The bad guys. The hollywood ending. So, now I just need to write it. If only I could download the thoughts while mowing directly into the computer. Now, that would be an advance for humanity that would rival fire and the wheel.

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