I’m am probably spending way too much time reading blogs dedicated to the aftermath of the hurricane. I am concerned for the folks that are dealing with the situation and I do hope things can return to normal for them very soon. Unfortunately, though, I believe the long-term impact of this storm will affect us all.

Here are two links that each list many many URLs.



Here is a listing of “where to donate” –> Washington Post

Many have already predicted gas will go to $4 a gallon. I think consumer habits will change significantly with the price now already hitting $3. Big ticket purchases (Houses & Cars) will stop. Disposable income purchases (Vacations and Food/Entertainment) will stop. The financial “drag” will spread throughout corporate America, reducing/ending the ability to make capital expenditures on infrastructure and compensation. Etc. Etc. Etc. (Check this link for more examples) Everything is interconnected…and the potential for a massive downward economic spiral has already begun.

Better batten down the hatches…this hurricane is far from over.

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