It is hard to determine an exact number today, September 5, for the donations that have been made for hurricane relief thus far. I have seen lists of companies, famous people, church organizations, and relief agencies that have provided or received a significant amount in just a week. And, the giving will surely continue. It is a very positive thing to see people responding to adversity in this way. Yes, there is a lot of negative response. Finger pointing will probably also continue. But, the vast majority of people have done the “human thing” and are offering to help. Texas has accepted many refugees. Houston has gotten national attention because of their very large (and nationally known) vacant building. But, nearly every city of any size is hosting people in shelters. Additionally, it is felt that there are countless more people staying in the homes of friends and family, or in hotels, here in Texas. And, I expect this to be the situation in every state that borders the disaster area. Point being, people are doing the “right thing”…and, that is a nice thing to watch.

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