Many that know me have heard the line uttered, “the NBA is fixed”. They all scoff of course. But, I believe it. Come on. It is NOT a stretch to know that the WWE or WWF is fixed, and then think the rest of pro sports are scripted. My insight came from watching th Pacers lose to the Knicks back in the mid 90s. Understanding the economics of the sport, it was easy to see that calls the refs made would favor the large market team. Who really would watch the Pacers outside of Indiana anyway? And, besides, their star player looked like a Ferengi.

Speaking of which, a very large percent of the population believes in space aliens. Talk about a conspiracy. The government is involved. TV shows explore the possibility. Entire towns in New Mexico and Nevada have a space alien tourist industry. Books. Movies. Websites. In ancient times, if something weird happened like an eclipse or an earthquake, the neanderthals started worshipping the unexplainable and/or making sacrifices to volcanoes. Over time they built up elaborate explanations for these unexplainable things, like “how did we get here?” and ended up with organized religion. Today, we have conspiracies for the unexplained. Conspiracies are the modern man’s attempt to make sense of his environment. We have come a long way from believing that the gods are living a soap opera up on top of Mt. Olympus. But, then again, have we really? Maybe the soap opera was real. Maybe the unexplainable is better left that way. Maybe the truth is worse than fiction.

Nora Ephron raises this question – “Where was Cheney?” I wonder too. I have a sneaking suspicion that there is smoke and fire. As noted in the article, the same thing has happened before. POTUS is on TV, but VPOTUS is nowhere to be found. Anybody see the movie, “Dave“? Maybe he’s got a gambling problem and goes to counseling a lot. Or, maybe he was out playing 36 holes with his buddies at Halliburton.

And, what about the bodies in NOLA? At one point, the death estimate was 10,000. Now it is 423. What if the gov’t. is hiding bodies in order to lessen the potential political ramifications? And, what about Iraq…the mother of all conspiracies? What if the Bin Laden’s and the ruling elite cooked up the 9/11 attacks, the WMD’s, the push for democracy in an Arab country, and lastly petrol at $3.50 a gallon in order to get the situation just right to get slick willy installed as U.N. Secretary General at the same time his better half became commander in chief? Call it the New World Order conspiracy. Or, maybe the gods up on Mt. Olympus are tired of all the cheerful/lighthearted types and the vertically challenged…this conspirist thinks so.

Like I said, truth could be worse than fiction.

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