That’s my kid there in the middle. The one with her finger in her mouth. The one staring off into the distance while the adults try to “herd the cats”. Oh well…I know she had fun. And, that is the most important thing. It was her first game and I had no expectations. While her mother took the other daughter over to play on the jungle jim (does anyone still call it that?), I played the role of the supportive father and took pictures. At “half time” I provided the pep talk and the water bottle. When the coach’s son scored all the goals, I cheered/clapped. When it was all over, I gave her a high five, a big hug, and told her she did great.

That she spent the entire game trying to figure out, I think, why all the other parents were screaming “GO, KICK, LEFT, RIGHT, THE OTHER WAY, GO, PAY ATTENTION, GO, STOP, GO, KICK, RUN, STOP, GO, THAT WAY, GO, STOP, KICK, and ALRIGHT is OK too. I wondered about all that myself. I just don’t need the finger in my mouth to help the contemplation.

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