I have two sisters. Angeline is the older of the two. Emily is the younger. I’m the oldest of the three siblings…and the only male. Watching my two children mature from babies to toddlers to little kids has made me very aware of the differences that can occur amongst people of nearly the same genetic material. And, in retrospect, there were surely times in my formative years that people were convinced that my two sisters and I were nowhere near alike. But, I think our differences are actually just on the surface. Underneath the facade, we are probably exactly alike.

Angeline is the writer. She has an MFA in Writing and intends to get a PhD. Her stuff has been performed publicly. Her experiences with her kids is giving her some great material for future works.

I don’t know really how to characterize what I do and I don’t have any advanced degrees. Suffice it to say that I have always preferred the visual realm…hence the videos of my kids.

And, Emily has gone in a third direction with her life. She is a drummer in a band called, “Autumn’s Descent“. They have an album coming out soon. Here’s hoping it is a critical and commercial success. The band has a MySpace site. Emily has a MySpace blog. They have a LiveJournal site. On the side, she is learning how to do music production using a computer.

So, we three are a writer, a drummer and a video maker. Now, if we achieve any fame and success in our ventures, the Biography people will surely take delight in the above distinction.

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