President Kennedy ignited the hopes and dreams of a generation with his call of action to the youth of that era. “Ask not what your country can do for you…” and the push to the moon inside of ten years were Noble Pursuits. That his time was cut short and we now know he was flawed too has made us a jaded country. This is unfortunate. Because, we have become resistant to hero-belief. We look with skepticism at everyone in the public eye. And, as such, we have forgotten that we need to have that Noble Pursuit.

Today NASA announced a return to the moon. This is no longer a Noble Pursuit, in my opinion. Been there, done that I’m afraid. No. What we need to do is eradicate disease, poverty, and pollution. We need to stop cancer. We need to feed/clothe the billions. We need to stop using fossil fuels.

That is the Noble Pursuit.

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