I have always been a germ-o-phobe. I don’t believe that I am OCD about it. But, then again, maybe being OCD isn’t so bad. A study on handwashing has recently come out and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. This article details the study results. But, to sum it up, people don’t wash their hands enough. If they did, lots of diseases wouldn’t spread as well. I have often privately marveled about this phenomenon when in the restroom at work, or airports, or restaurants, etc. And, while I’m especially NOT checking out other people while in there, I do ALWAYS see people leave without having cleaned up. Kinda silly, given that it is such a simple process…

Like Jerry Seinfeld throwing out his belt when it touched the urinal, I may seem a little kooky about my habits. But, I rarely get sick. And, that is justification enough for me. That I don’t like to touch the door handle when leaving a bathroom is OK. Who knows what might be “living” there. That I’d rather not shake hands is OK. That I swab my phone if I know someone else has used it is OK. I’m doing my part to help the society. I wash my hands with soap and hot water several times a day. People that don’t wash are just rude. People that rinse quickly, but don’t use soap, are just cheating.

Don’t be a jamoke. Wash Ur Hands.

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