In addition to my personal angst about not getting to play pro football or basketball because of my (only) average height/weight, I also have another dispute with life. There isn’t enough choice. The career I have, while adequate/rewarding/entertaining, is only one thing. It, like any job or career, is just one thing. Teachers are teachers for life. Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs, etc. have too much invested to do anything else. Policemen/Firemen/Sanitation Engineers…they do their hero thing and that’s it. Just one thing. Why is it this way? Why do we limit ourselves to just one thing? Sure, there are lots of people that change jobs and careers. There are lots of people that never choose employment in the first place. But, the vast majority of us do one thing…(hopefully we do it well.)

It could be different. We could establish a 2 or 3 or 5 year limit to what we’re doing before a change has to be made. This year you’re a real estate agent, next year you play bass in a blues band. Captain a merchant marine vessel for awhile, then run cattle in New Mexico. Paint a masterpiece, then work as a tour guide at a national park. Write the Great American Novel, then become a state senator*. I could dig being a blues guitarist. But, I doubt I’d want to do it forever. I’d probably make a great tour guide. But, sooner or later, the repetition would get cumbersome. And, while being a cattle rancher and getting to wear comfortable clothes all the time would be fun, the constant moo-ing might get old.

What if you didn’t get to choose what you got to do next? Wouldn’t that be mysterious fun? Nobody would ever get bored with their lives. The anticipation of what tomorrow would bring would be exhilarating. Maybe we should do that for the important jobs…maybe for the POTUS. Win the “special lottery” and you get to be President (to borrow an idea from Arthur C. Clarke) for a few years. Anyone that wanted to be President, would be excluded. Do it for a couple of years, then move on to something else. Ultimately it wouldn’t matter if you did a poorly…it isn’t as if you wanted the job.

There is so much to do in the world. It seems such a waste to limit ourselves to not trying to do it all…or at least more than just one thing…

*(Yes. Lots of jobs require years of training and expertise. I wouldn’t want a 12 year old first time pilot handling the stick on a 747. This is mostly tongue in cheek. So, don’t get hung up on the details.)

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