Everyone knows the expression, “Forgetting More Than You Ever Knew”. How ’bout instead…”Losing More Friends Than You Ever Knew”, as an alternative? It has certainly happened to me. I have moved many times in the past 15 years. It hasn’t been quite up to military life standards, but it still seems like a lot. Each time I moved, I lost track of more people. For some, it was a change to the fone number. For others, it was changing ISPs. For still others, a life change (marriage/divorce/kids/DIF/etc.) was to blame. Keeping up with people is hard, even if you are the type of person that likes to do it. For me, however, sometimes I’m just plain selfish and care only about myself. I guess that makes me a fair weather friend. To compensate for my nature, I started building a website back in 2001. It was cheap and clunky, but it helped spread the news far and wide. Mostly it was just pics of the kids. I think people checked it out. Then, in 2004, I upgraded to my own domain name, LoneStarLarimers, and got a little bit fancy. But, still, it was mostly just pics of the kids. And, I think some people check it out. Doing a website about yourself…and by exponential extension, a blog about yourself…can seem to be suspiciously self-serving. I worry a lot that people will look at my sites as nothing more than grandstanding and a waste of time. “Hey look at me. My name is Nathan and I’m a fancy boy!” Maybe I’m worried that no one will believe that everything is as happy as the pictures portray. (Well, I do edit the pics a little. Middle finger fotos from the brats get deleted.) Maybe I’m worried that people will think of it as an imposition on their limited time. I choose to do this, but maybe they don’t? Whatever the case, the websites are merely my way to push my friendship out to the friends I have lost…

Today, I got a comment post from someone that called me, “Nubby”, and made a disparaging remark about my ability to catch a ball. Only a few people on the planet would get the reference. Maybe there is a friend out there that I didn’t lose?

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