There’s always some jamoke proudly stating what’s on his iPod.

Yeehaa and Woohoo.

Like any of us care. The novelty has WORN off already.

Yes. The iPod is cool. Yes. I have one.

No. I wasn’t the first person to get one. No. I didn’t just get one.

The fad has tipped. It’s time for a new “question”.

I propose, “what’s NOT on my iPod?”

There’s no Barry Manilow. No Neil Diamond.

No Hank Williams.

No Yanni. No Streisand. No Midler.

No Britney. No PDiddy. No JLo.

No Jackson 5. No Bee Gees.

There’s no Limp Bizkit, no Crue, no KISS.

And, there’s no Boyz 2 Men…

What’s NOT on your iPod?

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