Why do we need golf carts in airports? Really? Why do we need golf carts in airports???

“Aha”, you say. You know this one. “There are golf carts in airports to help the feeble and frail get from point A to B, right?” “They are for the little old blue haired ladies on their way to visit their little grandkiddies.”


That MAY be the purpose for which they were originally intended. But, THAT is NOT how they are used today. Golf carts in airports are used, 9 times out of 10, for/by people that are in a hurry to get to their next gate. Period.

There ain’t no grandiose high falutin’ let’s pat ourselves on the back crap goin’ on here with these things. It is selfish business, through and through.

Their flight arrived late. Their gates are too far apart. They’re carrying too many bags. Whatever. BooFreekinHoo. I have had short connections lots of times. I have had to hoof it to a far away gate even more times. I never got to ride on some stoopid cart. And, I didn’t want to…

I am tired of having some airport jamoke drive up behind me with a golf cart filled with lazy/self-important jamokes, beep the ditzy little horn and say, “scuse the cart. scuse the cart. scuse the cart, please.”

Kiss my a$$. Maybe I’m in a hurry myself. Maybe I’m on my way to a far away gate too.

Lazy people shouldn’t get the right-away.

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