Following-up to an earlier post of mine…

I have finished the Bernard Goldberg book, “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America…” and I will be recommending it to others. My Liberal Friends…er, well, people I know that are Liberal in thought…er, well, since I don’t have any friends…the one or two people that might inadvertantly come upon this post and take the time to read it…will probably think I am advocating a Conservative agenda by recommending the book. They might go “google” the title, read someone else’s post about it, and then make a hasty judgement about it without having read the book or considering my point. If so, that’s fine. It is a free country after all.

But, since it is a free country (and I have a blog) I want to make this point. I know that I have opinions and attitudes that would not endear me to the present definition of Conservatism. BUT, there is no way that the first ten liberals we could name speak for me either. It is that conflict that Goldberg outlines so well in his book. He names names…mostly Liberal, but also Conservative…that have hijacked America and are screwing it up. I think he presents a very compelling argument. So, regardless of your political leanings, or because of your political leanings, read the book and consider the validity of the author’s point.

If you are still looking for a reason to read the book, here’s a “review” I took from Amazon:

An interesting perspective from a…, July 21, 2005
S. Hebbron “S B H.” (Leicester UK) – See all my reviews …foriegn point of view. I could not help but to read this book as an uniniated foriegner and my intial feeling was that it had the appearance of being another cheap, brash listed expose which takes wounding jibes at the rich and famous because as targets they are sitting ducks. Not so however, what I found was an author who essentially has a problem with the myriad of ways these people undermine the essential qualities, culture and gratifacation of what is to be American. He does so in a reasoned, honest, pride driven and non-evangelical way. As a person “outside of the loop” but interested because our countries have perhaps the closest bond of any two nations on the planet, I was heartend that someone cared enough to stick their neck out and see beyond the hype. If the reviews here on the Amazon site form a concensus, then he has done as good a job as I felt he had. I wonder if the Author would care to fix his gaze on the UK next time because we too need some intelligent expose like this aimed at Government, The Royal Family and the Celebrity culture. A very worthy and brave book which should become an essential historical reference.

Finally, regular visitors to this blog (if there are any) will surely wonder how I can be a proponent for books from both Goldberg AND Kurt Vonnegut. The two authors, and their recent books, do seem to be at odds with each other. Suffice it to say that I believe both men are making the same point.

I believe that point is that being an American has become politicized…whether you’re on the right or the left…and that the Idealism of the Founding Fathers or the sacrifices of “The Greatest Generation” have become lost.

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