For those that haven’t heard, there was a massive earthquake in the Kashmir region on Saturday. At present count, it is estimated the 7.6 magnitude quake has claimed more than 20,000 lives. The death toll could go higher than 42,000.

The disturbing thing to me is that, like the Tsunami a year ago, this disaster is not getting the attention it deserves. For some, Kashmir is just the title of a great Led Zeppelin song. For others, it is best understood as “that place where Pakistan and India keep fighting”. Or, most concerning, it is being ignored because it is a) over there and b) Muslim/Hindu.

But, coming on the heels of Katrina and Rita, we appear to be burned out on natural/national disasters. What if I said that, instead of scenes of looting in NOLA or “Guns and Guts” in Texas, we are going to see images of lots and lots of dead and orphaned children come out of Kashmir? Would we still be apathetic? What if I said the most important and impactful thing we as Americans could ever do to show that part of the world we care (instead of a military show of force) and the West is not the enemy would be to drop everything else and get there fast. “The Cavalry’s Coming” so to speak. Would that be enough incentive? The four countries of the region, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and China, are VERY important to us. Kashmir, despite it’s distance from the US, should be top of mind…and getting our help.

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