Here’s another Blog I’ve been checking out recently – Blogzilla. Go ahead and check it out. The writing is fresh and witty…and even a little irreverent…which pleases the Jamoker.

I found Blogzilla via Dayton Underground. That, I think, is the coolest thing about blogging…you can daisy-chain your “search for the new”. Of course, at some point I’ll reach critical mass and not be able to check out any new ones without having to say g’bye to something. But, not too soon. And, I don’t like the RSS deal too much. I think it cheapens the blogging experience to get an abridged, cliffs notes version of a blog. And, what about the pictures? No, I like going to the original sites.

BTW, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention “Life In The Pumpkin Shell” and “Dooce“…speaking of fresh writing…

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