I’m no prude. I make mistakes. And, I understand that people are in a hurry sometimes. All that being said, I really detest reading things (especially if there is an erudite tone) that include words used incorrectly. Now, this ain’t about being some kind of grand grammarian or a Daniel Webster wannabe. The people that lament that loss of proper English as a result of email and IM’ing need something better to do, in my opinion.

No, I think instead that some people are just jamokes and use the wrong words. And, to clarify, I’m not talking about spelling. Rather, this is about poor word usage. As an example, someone once told me to stop “whinning.” I told the person that he misspelled “winning” and that I wasn’t about to stop doing that. That would be a misspelling. That the person then called me a “looser”, is an example of poor word choice. I told the jamoke that, actually, I was usually wound up pretty tight. I don’t think he understood what I meant. Anyway, here’s a short list of word mistakes:

Lose vs. Loose
There, They’re and Their
Hear and Here (Segue gets a free pass for providing the example)
Conscious and Conscience
Your and You’re
To and Too
Calvary vs. Cavalry

Anyone wanna give me some more for the list?

The bottom line is, I think, that either this is a sign of laziness or piss-poor edumacation. If you see the same person continually making the same word mistake, the excuses of “forgot to proofread” or “in a hurry” just don’t have merit.

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