JibJab has a new release. We will all surely have the link forwarded to our inboxes ten times in the next week. Consider yourself warned…

As much as I have liked the previous JibJab efforts, though, I’m disappointed about this release. The movie is good. That is not the issue. It disparages large retailers and the junk coming from China. Normally I’d say, check it out. BUT, to watch the “movie” you HAVE to watch an advertisement first. And, this isn’t just any ad…no, it is a :30 film/video just like you’d see on TV. And, that is one development of websites that is really starting to annoy me.

So, here’s my rhetorical question section: Why is this occurring? Why are we being forced to watch ads? AND, what about the apparent hypocrisy? The video makes fun of the consumeristic American culture and yet includes a commercial? Can the JibJab guys, as talented as they are, not pay the bills some other way?

They could charge admission. They could sell memberships. Text ads along the side or bottom would be OK. They could request donations. They could request a grant from the National Humor Foundation. Maybe, even, they could sell Tshirts.

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