Life is not like Hollywood.

Losing a college roommate is nothing like “The Big Chill”.

Group hugs. Sitting around a living room dredging up the issues. Smoking grass. Rekindling affairs with old girlfriends. Resolving everything and going back to life…

Maybe it worked for the movie. It isn’t realistic, though.

Where were the parents and families outside the group of friends?
What about the jobs these people had? They were gone for, what, a week?
They were all scattered to the four winds. Where was the travel part of the ordeal?

And, a happy ending???
The image of Glenn Close beaming after her husband has impregnated another woman.

Come on…

(Yes. This has personal connotations. Yes. I’m substituting. Yes. I’m using this forum to work out my issues. Anyone up for a group hug?)

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