“Here are some scenes from next week’s episode…”

Does anyone ever watch “the scenes” and then decide, “OMG, I HAVE to tune in next week!!!”??? I doubt it. Here’s what happens in The Jamoker household…

Here are some scenes from next week’s episode…”

“Oh, Really? That’s great. Wow! (note the sarcastic tone) SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME FIND THE REMOTE STAT.”

I think it is just dumb to try to “tease” the audience like this. They should just say instead, “Folks, get your Planner/Organizer out and make an appointment to watch the next exciting edition of this really good show at xx:o’clock on blankday. Do it now. Don’t forget. Please? Our advertisers paid us good money for the chance to show you how their widget will improve your life. Please?

Besides, I believe that showing scenes from the future upsets the space-time continuum. Don’t the scenes, upon being seen in the present, no longer qualify as scenes from the future?

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