“One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.”

Everyone has a different name for it.
Junk. Treasure. Collectible. Curio, Knickknack, Heirloom, Bric-a-brac. Bauble.

In my circles, it is called ChiggaMigga.

What is the DEAL with this stuff? What is the purpose of these little “decorations”? Why do they set some people’s hearts a flutter so? What do they say about our society and civilization?

I always wonder what goes through the mind of the $1/hour laborer when they see these things come down the conveyor belt on their way to the Packaging/Shipping dept.

Do the laborers know what a “leech” is? Do they wonder why the leeches are having lunch? Do they make fun of the silly consumers/purchasers of this silly kind of stuff?

More interesting, though, is what goes through the mind of the person that buys it. Is it love for the holiday? Is it love for decorating? Is it love for buying the decorations?

Is love even the right word?

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