Tags in T-Shirts are just dumb.
Either I’m overly sensitive to the constant scratching, or these things were just designed to annoy me. Thank God for Hanes and their tagless tees.

The proper title for the pic in the header above is –
Self Portrait of the Author After Too Many Oberon Beers

Speaking of beer, I love Bass Ale. I’d recommend it to others, but don’t want to share.

Going to watch Kingdom of Heaven, Sahara, Crash, & Hitchhikers Guide while on the plane to and fro NYC this week. Gotta catch up on my movies. BitTorrent is so very very cool. (I hope there aren’t any farters on the plane.)

I got a new cell phone last week. Moto Razr. My eight year love affair with Nokia is officially over. Why did I not switch sooner? How long until I drop it and break it?

Still haven’t decided what to wear for a Halloween costume. Any suggestions?

2 bookstores. Both next to coffee shops that do a brisk business on a Sunday morning. One store opens at 10…the other at 11. Guess which store is full or people? Guess which store has a really dumb manager?

Metrosexual es no mas. Ubersexual is the new hip term. Gotta figure out how to add umlats…

What happened to “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country.”? Did we lose it? Did the Idealism die? Maybe it was hijacked.

Nothing better for inspiration than a cold glass of sun-brewed and unsweetened Green Tea. I can just FEEL those anti-oxidants working.

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