The Jamoker is Pissed Off.
Pissed. Angry. Mad. Upset.

Blogger is just dumb sometimes.

I have had to rewrite a post twice now.
The first time, it was fairly annoying.
The second time, things were thrown in disgust.

Why the frustration?
Because posts get deleted…before they can be saved as drafts or published.

The first time it was due to the foto upload. Something happened, the upload didn’t work, and the code got fouled up. As a result, the page reloaded and wiped out all the text in the post. The classic irreverent musings were lost. The emotion and feelings were wiped clean.

So, the post was rewritten.

It was better the second time. It was very good the second time. The arguments were stunning. The examples were relevant. The emotion was extremely impactful. There was reconciliation to the annoyance of the earlier malfunction. The adversity had in fact allowed the creation of something better.

The second time it happened was because of an automatic “log out” due to time.

Excuse me? The Blogger default for “timing out” is to go to the log in screen when you hit PUBLISH? WTF? That is the most asinine thing possible.

Blood, sweat and tears are put into a post. Spell check and proofreading is completed. The feeling of completeness is reached and the author is ready to share with the world. And, what happens?

Gone. Gone forever. Wiped clean.

There’s no hitting backspace to get it back. There’s no file saved in the cache. There’s no “error message” about losing the post. Had there been, it could have been copied into Word. At least the all-important words would have been saved. Instead, there’s no recourse but to start over. Pissed off indeed.


So, now the inspiration is gone. The sequence of thought, words, and emotion are expended. It will NEVER be recreated in the same way. The third attempt will never be as good…because there will always be the doubt about what was forgotten. Trying to reproduce exactly what was lost is impossible.

Humanity is truly cursed.

Copyright (c) 2005 Jamoker. All rights reserved.