Here’s an idea I like –> Using only a blog to promote a product.

No, it’s not my idea…and, nor is it novel. But, I don’t believe it has reached the Tipping Point yet. And, until it does reach that threshold, I will like it.

Using a Blog to promote a product seems to me to be very democratic. It is pure and honest. Obviously sploggers and spammers are out there just waiting to hijack this new form of communication. But, for now, it remains “on the level”.

Take the Gaping Void site as an example. A blog is developed and an audience gained. The blog is creative, witty and helpful. Then, the blog is used to promote (not all the time) products that are relevant, but obscure to the majority of the readers. And, the author is directly involved in the promotion of the products. It is the perfect example of “one to one marketing”…albeit in the blogging “one to many” form. Readers feel that the blogging author is talking directly to them about the product. If they don’t care for the message, they surf away. If they don’t agree with the message, then they can do something about that too. Or, if they ultimately do agree with the author, they will HIGHLY value his/her assistance and guidance…becoming customers more loyal than any of those favored by the top brands of the world. No intrusive commercials during halftime. No intrusive interstitials hindering the site load time. No annoying announcer guys.

So, Gaping Void is promoting Stormhoek wine using the above model. I think it is very cool. I can’t wait to see the U.S. distributorship for the wine get going. I can’t wait to try the wine…which is something, given my penchant for Ales from England/Belgium or expensive Reds from California.

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