Would someone please just tell me why?
Why the lower back tattoos?

Now, I don’t have problem with tattoos, in general. I’m all about the freedom of expression that I believe the tattoo symbolizes and represents. In fact, there have been times I have considered getting one myself. I could never decide what to get though. Should it be the “LOVE”, or “HATE”, or “F#CK” across the knuckles? Maybe the Tao symbol on my neck? Maybe an AK47 across my back? Maybe the barbwire around my massive biceps? Or, maybe just a little Peace symbol on my ankle? Either way, I wanted something cute…but couldn’t ever decide.

But, what I don’t understand is women getting the lower back tattoo… a la…

(I got this image from the web. I did not take this pic and I don’t know this person. Put “lower back tattoo” in Google Image and there are lots more examples, if you need ’em.)

Why? For what purpose? What do they mean? What do they imply? And, the designs that include “eyes”?

The lecherous and lascivious have an idea, I think.

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