Since they are not in the category of irreverent musings, my rants about the End Of The World (click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2 if you missed them) would seem to be out of place on this forum. So, here’s a brief explanation…

The rants arise out of legitimate personal feelings. Living in today’s world, these are the things which I would like to see/have improved. I DO want to go on record with these attitudes and opinions. But, also, if the blog was only comprised of “what’s the deal with lower back tattoos?” types of observations and situations, my attention would quickly wane…as I would assume would also occur with the readers. Segue has already wondered about running out of material when discussing his surroundings. Thirdly, the world is full of wannabe novelists. This forum allows me to practice a little before jumping into that craft. I had a fourth, but “lost it”.

So, to answer then the requests for “what is the answer?” and “what should we do?”, please know that I am working on the response. It will probably take multiple drafts. But, it will probably also take multiple postings. As of now, I want to do the response as a series…but, maybe that will change. Stay tuned.

For now, please read this article in Time by BONO. Reading it has inspired me for three reasons. First – he’s not a “Celebrity WithOut A Cause“. Second – I called it the “Noble Pursuit”, BONO calls it “The Moonshot”. (Mere semantics.) Third – Obviously I think it is the right cause at the right time. Whatever your thoughts about BONO‘s music…or that of his band, U2…you have to like what he is doing with his fame. And, even though he was born in 1960…and experts affix the official start to the GenX kids as 1961…he is obviously a voice for GenX’ers, and not The Boomers. Which, ultimately, implies that descriptives are better when based on a person’s action (or lack of), rather than his/her year of birth.

So, “Response #1” to the pending End Of The World concern…the first step of the “every journey begins with a single step”…the initial introspection one must do before making any large-scale change…the first thing to do is…

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