The Strauss family was famous for creating dance music. From Johann I to Eduard and Josef to Johann II, they ruled the dance scene in Europe through the 1800s. (I recently took the lil’ ones to a kiddie symphony concert where Strauss was the entire program and that’s what the conductor told us.) They composed the music, ran/rehearsed the orchestras, and conducted the concerts. Their music wasn’t about making statements. They wanted their audience to be entertained. It was hard work too. They endured constant travel. They HAD to keep their music fresh and novel and entertaining. The dance scene could NOT go on without them.

Fast forward two hundred years…

The Dance scene lives on. And, the global DJ has just as difficult a job in my opinion. This site lists the top DJs. (I wish Keoki were on the list too.) The Top 10 might as well be members of the Strauss family. They are in constant demand. They have to endure constant travel. While they may not be writing the music in the same sense that a Strauss wrote music, they do “create” and perform. And, most importantly, the same model that was seen in the days of the Strauss Waltz exists for the Global DJ. They have to entertain and they have to stay fresh and novel.

The interesting question will be whether their names and creations will live on for two hundred years, like those of the Strauss family have done. Will their great performances by carried around in our future audio devices? Will future spinners pull out the classic “traffic” or “southern sun” or “let you go”? Will we even dance in the future?

The probable conclusion is that the Global DJs of today will not persist through time. There is too much other music that will survive (gloria gaynor anyone?) for there to be room for the “thump thump” in the musical archives. The Strauss family had a near monopoly on their audiences and how history would remember them. (Being connected to the ruling aristocracy helps too.) The DJs do deserve to be remembered also…for they are truly masters.

Classical music is wonderful. But, I like having my house/trance/techno tracks too.

(Speaking of…I have reviewed the new Madonna album. It is really great. Whatever your thoughts of Madonna politically or as a person, there is no denying she is a genius. This latest re-invention of her sound is very good indeed.)

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