Folks…my adoring public…my loyal readers…it has happened again. Blogger deleted a post of mine because of (I assume) a time-out. I started a post…went off to collect research and links…spent too much time at it (I guess)…and then, when hitting “save as draft” the “log-in” screen appeared. And, you guessed it, after logging-in, the post was GONE.

I said before, this is the most ASININE piece of programming I can imagine, short of a computer starting a nuclear holocaust. That would be really bad obviously. But, the jamokes at Blogger are a close second. This is just dumb programming, if you ask me.

Get a f*cking clue, please. I don’t care if my blog is featured on the Blogger welcome screen. I don’t care that Blogger is a free service and I get what I pay for. I don’t care that what I say isn’t seen by everyone in the world. It’s still important to me. And, I F*CKING HATE that posts disappear.

All Blogger would have to do is have a warning/error message pop-up before the log-in window would load. The warning could say,

“WARNING. You have unsaved changes. Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page? Maybe you should copy your work into a nice little word document until you get the opportunity to log back in. (Maybe you should tell your spouse you love him/her too.) Are you really sure you want to do this? Do ya feel lucky? Do ya?”

Given that Google owns Blogger, I would expect there to be lots of SMART people with 3.0 grade point averages at the helm…minding the store…manning the bridge…and running the Blogger railroad. Surely these smart people employed by Google and Blogger can figure out a way for a post to not get deleted. Surely?

Sure, I’m obviously not very smart for letting this happen AGAIN. I’m a dunce that can’t seem to figure out a work-around to the obvious programming deficiencies. Or, rather, am I just somebody that is willing to express my frustration…when lots of others have had the same issue? Maybe it isn’t operator error. You decide.

Regardless, here’s a pointer for all you Blogger bloggers out there…

Open MS Word when you FIRST log-in to Blogger. Force yourself to copy/paste (CTRL C/CTRL V) your blog post into a Word document every 5 minutes. Make sure you have the most recent version in your Word document when you go to either “save as” or “publish”.

Trust me. The frustration is immense. Better take precautions.

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