I have always loved John Cusack as an actor. I think I have seen the vast majority of his movies. High Fidelity is right up there with Say Anything, too. Now, I’m thinking he’s fairly articulate in his blogging as well.

Why do business owners create made-up names for their businesses? “Pet-O-Rama”? And, what about the intentional misspellings? Kountry Korner Bakery? Or, the silly use of an “A” in order to get first placement in the phone book? AAAAAAAAA-Affordable Insurance? No wonder kids have trouble spelling. Riding around in cars, all they see are misspelled words on every sign.

Comment spam eliminator. Segue calls ’em the “wriggly words”…or something like that. Have you noticed the increasing level of complexity to them? A couple of weeks ago you could get by with a three or four letter series. Now, I’m getting eight to ten letters. And, the fonts are more difficult too. Half the time I can’t tell the difference between an “f” and a “t”…or a “q” and a “g”. Weird.

Being a comment fairy is tough to do. Reading and commenting on even just 10 blogs could be considered a full time job.

The kids like Shrek 2 better than Shrek. I think it’s because they secretly want a cat (don’t get any ideas). Oh, and every song means we gotta get up and dance.

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