A few new holiday designs have been posted to the JamokerTees site.
Check ’em out.

Regarding cost – Spreadshirt is significantly cheaper than CafePress. A similar shirt and design will be $4 – $6 cheaper on Spreadshirt. So, we’re sticking with Spreadshirt.

The shirts are high quality. The shipping is flawless. The process has been tested. There are only 4 weeks until Christmas.

And, we’re not going to be retiring off the proceeds anytime soon. For now, it’s just about having fun. Yes, you can go to Targe’ and get a $10 shirt. But, it won’t be unique and you’ll have paid $10 for the gas to get there. The JamokerTees designs are custom. The slogans are irreverently cool. And, this is better than giving profits to the dept. stores and oil companies anyway.

And, for motivation, here’s a little contest:

Easy part – Buy a shirt and then email a pic of you wearing it (no naked people please). The first five people to do so will get their next JamokerTee shirt at no charge*.

Fun part – Don’t see a design you’d buy at JamokerTees? Then, submit your idea(s) via email to the Jamoker. Submissions will be reviewed and designs will be created. (Don’t expect overly complex designs. Complexity increases the price. JamokerTees are simple for a reason.) Then, the shirts will be posted here for you, the readers of this blog, to choose a winner. One vote per reader. Anonymous votes will not be counted. The person that ultimately submits the winning design will get final design credit and two shirts from JamokerTees at no charge.*

Spread the word. Tell your friends. Include a link on your blogs. Have some fun.

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*Restrictions and limitations apply. The Jamoker reserves all rights. Contest effective 11/26/05 through 12/31/05. Submitted pics and shirt ideas become the property of Jamoker and JamokerTees. Who reads the fine print anyway? Let’s just have some fun.

Copyright (c) 2005 Jamoker. All rights reserved.