This is a church…

(I ‘borrowed’ this pic from this site. Go check it out. They have lots of other nice pics.) (Maybe AlphaRat will bring some more pics back from his visit to France???)

Anyway…that is a church. It looks like a church. It looks impressive. It is beautiful. Lots of people like to visit it regularly. One assumes you could really feel like you are close to a supreme being…maybe even the creator…in a structure as smartly designed as that church.

This is, apparently, also a church…

The only thing the members of this church are going to be close to is a Wendy’s and a gas station. And, the design? Egads. Yuck is a good word. The design reminds me of a haybarn. There’s certainly very little similarity to the first church pictured above. (Is there any chance it will survive for 1000 years?) You can imagine lots of faux wood and metal folding chairs lined up inside. You can easily envision a ‘preecher’ shouting into a microphone asking for money too. And, the two covered dropping off points? Sure don’t want to get the lord’s moisture on your newly coiffed hair.

True, it’s too expensive to build churches like the Notre Dame Cathedral anymore…and no one wants to wait for 200 years for it to be complete. The haybarn church is new. It is modern. People will attend and sing and pray. It’s a church in name and destination. But, I don’t like it. I think it looks ugly. It is a poor poor facsimile of the Notre Dame Catherdral. Intelligently designed it is not.

Haybarn church is a metaphor for the Intelligent Design theory.

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