Having previously discussed the Celebrities With(out) a Cause phenomena, it should be no surprise to anyone there’d be Jamoker post about Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Anniston.

Angelina Jolie is getting a lot of press lately for her role in raising awareness for the Pakistan quake relief. All appearances are that her motives and intentions are pure. Recently, she gave an interview where she said something along the lines of she “didn’t want to be a hollywood star making a lot of money and not trying to make a difference in the world.” Sounds great.

The Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston factor should also be considered, however.

Two A-List actors. Married. One has never had a movie of any success at the box office. Yes, Fight Club was great. But, everyone knows it was Norton that made the film…and, it came from a dynamite book. The rest of his movies are so-so. The other has done so-so in her movies, and has just ended a long TV series. She’s the charming girl next door. She’s everybody’s sweetheart. Her future prospects are somewhat slim, however. (No love for Jennifer from Google News.)

Consider this. Hollywood ‘marriages’ (or romantic entanglements) are merely PR moves.

Brad moves “up-market” from Jennifer to Angelina in order to link to a rising (Oscar Award-winning) star. He un-entangles from the starlet at the apparent end of her career, to one that has remaining potential. His price? He has to put up with the refugee relief jet-setting lifestyle. He gets called Mrs. Jolie. He extends his career.

And, to whom do you think Angelina was referring when she said she didn’t want to be a do-nothing hollywood star? Exactly. All those charming and sweet girl next door types…

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