No one living in this country…scratch that…this world, can look past the debate about fossil fuels. Cars, jets, power plants, manufacturing factories, furnaces…we need energy. We can’t thrive without energy. We need to figure out a way, however, to satisfy our energy needs with doing the right thing for the environment.

100 years of legacy, though, stands in the way of “doing the right thing“.

In the meantime, the debate rages…like a bad case of hemorrhoids…

I previously posted about the Bernard Goldberg book, “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America”. It is a good book. It is worth reading. In it, he includes Laurie David on the list. Fans of Seinfeld surely know her husband, Larry David. But, what is lesser known is that Laurie David is quite the global warming activist. Bernard points out, though, in his book that she uses a private plane to travel everywhere she goes. Apparently, she doesn’t like to fly commercial. (too many smelly poor people maybe) And, Bernard pointed out that the amount of jet fuel she burns in so doing is excessive…and pollutive…which makes her a hypocrite. (Maybe she is a hypocrite by a lot of people’s standards.) Apparently, ‘do as I say, not as I do’ is on her letterhead. So, with that knowledge in mind, read this column by Laurie David on the Huffington Post. Isn’t it a little incongruous? Yes, she presents a plausible argument. But, she is calling out Ford for being a hypocrite. Methinks she doth protest too much.

To peel back the onion a little more, she only singles out Ford for her point. What about all of the other automakers? Are we to assume from her post that Ford is the only automaker that needs to be chided? Hardly. There are something like 64 SUVs sold in the U.S. Every manufacturer sells at least one. If she were to have instead made the point about all automakers, including her beloved Toyota (Toyota SUVs and Trucks are wasteful too…one Prius does not a green company make), then maybe the point would be MORE valid and plausible. If she weren’t under suspicion for hypocrisy, maybe she’d be a better spokesperson for the cause.

Today, a story about Ford closing plants hit the wires. Two weeks ago it was GM making the same dire announcement. They are obviously feeling the pain. They are in crisis mode. Their past mistakes are ‘coming home to roost’. But, as with everything, the issue is never simple or straightforward.

Take the challenge of “doing the right thing” and contrast it with ironclad UAW contracts, up and down economic cycles, local and regional (not just Detroit…domestic automaking affects us all) economic impact, design and manufacturing lead time, consumer demand and the ‘convenience infrastucture’ to get the full scope of the issues for GM and Ford. Cars take years to bring to market. Cars that don’t sell create massive problems for multiple reasons. The ‘misses’ outnumber the ‘hits’. Hydrogen fueling stations aren’t on every corner. (make a car that runs off beef jerky exhaust…then we’d be set) And, Joe Lunchbox needs to feed his family. No, the ‘troubles’ for GM and Ford are not simple troubles. Nor is there a simple solution.

Some car companies are progressive by nature. (Yes, Toyota is to be lauded for that.) Others have preferred to let the customer dictate product choices. That those same customers also choose fast food and elevators along with their gas guzzling vehicles should put their ‘wisdom’ under suspicion. Regardless, there are lots of reasons why companies don’t seem to do the right thing. And, there are lots of examples of companies that ARE doing the right thing for the world.

But, back to Laurie David…she is NOT an example. She can blather. She can use her unlimited capital (think where it came from when you buy a Seinfeld DVD this Christmas) to continue to assert her voice and opinion. She can ‘name drop’. She can write columns. But, she is not leading by example. And, for someone that has the economic means to do so…but doesn’t…she should be ashamed. And, I guaranfcukingty that she lives in a 6000 sq. ft. house that costs $10,000 a month to cool/heat…while we’re on the subject of energy needs.

And, speaking of incongrous, read this new column of hers…now Coke is causing global warming too??? Wha-ha????? Methinks the jet fuel fumes have gotten to her.

No, there needs to be a true apolitical and unhypocritical leader for this cause. There needs to be someone that can transcend the issues and provide leadership. Because, at present, the debate is getting all caught up in the personalities. The debate is being hijacked.

Any Volunteers???

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