It has become quite apparent to me over the past couple of months that I have not been getting your complete support with respect to what has been said to the clients and/or senior mgmt. Whatever your motivations are for doing this to me, it must stop immediately.

Everyone would agree that I am a) doing the right things and b) doing them the right way. Period. That you would say otherwise to anyone is counter-productive to what should be done.

Please don’t make this memo become a dispute between you and me. I am only too well aware of all of your shortcomings and weaknesses. You don’t want me to have to respond to your lack of support with my own “PR” efforts.

Stop undermining my rapport with the clients and senior mgmt., please. I have not been a threat to your position to this point and nor have I issued threats before. That will change, however, if I become aware that you have continued to say untrue things. You’re messing with MY career and I won’t accept it.

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