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Movies/Films are great if for nothing else than they showcase new technologies. Animation, digital effects, audio effects…the movies have always been the proving ground for the latest tricks. Once showcased in films, the use of these new devices typically trickle down into TV shows and advertisements. The ‘bullet-time’ motion photography used in the summer action blockbuster is now the de facto visual style for all of the home cleaning product commercials…or, the techniques used in the recent computer generated animated film are duplicated in all of the holiday toy commercials…you get the point. (My personal favorite is the animated bear pooping in the woods commercial for one of the toilet tissue companies.) The technology sometimes drives the creativity of the commercial. But, what drives that ‘trickle down’ of the technology? Is it some kind of strange economic principle? Is it due to an astrological planetary alignment? For the advertising profession, mimicry seems to be the reason. Why come up with a better way to sell a widget if you can use some device you saw recently in a film?

It’s just lazy. It’s a shame. Commercials could be so much better, so much more entertaining. And, I have a feeling that every whiz-bang trick in the new Kong movie will be used in commercials before too long.

Commercials can be considered bad for failing to sell the product. But, commercials are also bad if they merely exist to mimic some neat new Hollywood movie trick.

Good commercials sell a product.
Great commercials sell a product by telling a story.
Here’s an example of a great commercial, one that tells a story – Honda

Original. Creative. And, it sells the product too…

And, speaking of music in commercials, what is with the ubiquitous use of 70’s era rock classics as the foundation music for the commercials? I guess there’s no better way to capture the interest of an aging boomer than to use the songs that remind them of their back seat make-out sessions. How is that original or creative? Come on. Every advertiser does it now. Can we move on to some NEW music for commercials now, please? UPDATEFound this link.

And, for the mimics…
Here’s a great, original and creative idea.

But, too late, Miller is apparently already “using” this person’s creative idea for a commercial.

Oh goody…can’t wait to see THAT one during the holiday football games…

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