Dinner with friends on Monday.
Then two days in El Paso.
Nice old hotel in downtown El Paso. But, no hi-speed internet.
Too much wine at client dinners.
Office party tomorrow.

Just tired.

And way behind in my activities. Need the weekend to get here.
All in, though, we have lots to be thankful for…

Secret Santa has made his/her presence known in the Jamoker household.

Note that the box is still in pristine condition. So, there will be no fanciful stories about dogs or kids creating mischief. The box includes the instructions. The instructions have been followed.


Secret Santa hails from Schenectady apparently. This is curious. The Jamoker doesn’t know anyone in Schenectady. There have been no visits to the Jamoker blog from Schenectady. And, mail order doesn’t offer the service of hand-written instructions on the outside of the box. Hmmmm???

So, The Jamoker has determined that Secret Santa has faked the return address. Secret Santa is VERY CLEVER. Secret Santa kept the tracking number to ensure delivery, despite the lack of a credible return address in case of non-delivery. Secret Santa must have access to a UPS account and label printing machine.
That’s OK. The Jamoker got a chuckle out of the game…and will surely value this gift as much as any other this year.

Merry Christmas to all…

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