If you thought you might have heard something…if the icebox door was left open a smidge…if you noticed the marks in the dust where the candlesticks appeared to have been moved…

If you are sure you had a visitor, but wondered why no message was left behind…it was prolly me. I visited, but couldn’t conjure anything witty and intelligent to say.

Yes. I am one of “those”. I sometimes don’t comment.
I admit it. I’m a Jamoke.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy what I’m reading while visiting your sites.
Oftentimes it serves as great inspiration.
And I’m always glad to have had the opportunity to read it.

But, I just happen to be that dastardly type of blog author that usually only wants to consume blogs, instead of trying to engage in a more active participation with the authors. WriterMother chides me for this tendancy. She’s a good egg and is hoping I reform. She feels (rightly so) that the beauty of blogging is the sense of community and participatory atmosphere.

Don’t hate me for failing at this, please. I’ll keep trying…

One additional point, though. You’ve seen my posts. They are long.
It takes me awhile to compose my rants and irreverent musings.
This doesn’t leave me much time for commenting elsewhere.
I’m just a slow composer/writer/author.

I am, however, a fairly quick reader.
It’s always been this way. I zoom through novels and sites and blogs.
I was blessed with an ability of quick comprehension while reading.

Quick to read. Slow to create.
Life is full of contradictions…

Here is the current list of sites/blogs that I visit on a nearly daily basis. Some are educational. Some are entertainment. Some are work-related sites. Some are blogs written by fascinating people. Each has been added to my blog roll. A few are recent adds. Several have been around from Day One. I invite you to check them out…

Life In The Pumpkin Shell
Aloha From Hawaii
Barely Legal
Call 2 Action
Chepner’s House
Club Life
Dayton Underground
Fine Artist
Gaping Void
Mad Baggage
Mysterious Coyote
Prez Bush
Protein Wisdom
Rain In The Sky
Rock & Reel
Random Good Stuff
Read My Lips
Splash Of Lime
Waiter Rant
Ad Rants
Ad Pulp
Boing Boing
Blog Maverick
Cluetrain Manifesto
Cool Hunting
Drudge Report
Huffington Post
One Campaign
Seth Godin
Steven Berlin Johnson
Team Bicycles, Inc.
Tom Peters
Unofficial Apple Weblog
Wired News

I update the list every couple of weeks. So far, very few sites have fallen off the list. Mostly, additions are made…which has added to my difficulties. So many great blogs and sites, so little time! A new find, by the way, is the KarlaBabble blog. WriterMother turned me on to it. Fresh and witty…in other words, additional inspiration for the Jamoker…

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy.

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