I got tagged.
Everything being relative, a definition of weird differs from person to person.
Isn’t eating boogers acceptable in some cultures?
Anyway, here are my five…

– I drink cold coffee. I make it at night before going to bed. Been doing this for 12 – 13 years now. I can drink it warm/hot. But, I prefer it to be ice cold.

– I talk loudly. On the fone. In person. People ask me if I’m hard of hearing. It drives my cube neighbors nuts. I love it.

– I’m rude (and loud) when answering the fone. Nine times out of ten, it’s either a telemarketer or someone calling with a stoopid question. So, my rudeness is called for…

– I wear socks to bed. I HATE cold feet.

– I wake up at the same time every day. I do this no matter the day…even holidays, weekends, and vacation days.

Yes. I have lots more.
No. I don’t eat boogers.

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