I put the ‘Google Ads’ link on my site about a month ago. (scroll down and go to the bottom of the sidebar) It’s an experiment. I figured that if I were to all of a sudden start making a lot of money via the service, I’d quit pickin on ’em.

So, far, I’ve made, like, $0.11…

hehehe (evil chuckle)

It is a little interesting, though, to see what ads pop up after I post something new. Since I have varied interests (read as transient) and opinions on everything (self deprecation is a strong suit), my posted keywords should prompt a whole slew…a veritable cornucopia…of quality ad links.

Sure enough, I rant about crappy DVDs and Google has a solution. I rant about marriage and get ads for counseling. I provide tutelage on blog coding and ads for setting up a blog appear. Everything happening as it should, right?

So, where were the ads when I put “tupping” in a post?

(P.S. – The word Tupping was used by Shakespeare in Othello. I’ve been waiting since 10th grade English Lit. to use it myself.)

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