Ok. I mentioned Del.icio.us in this post.

Basically, it is a great service for keeping track of links to sites.
And, it is an even better source for finding new sites.
I highly recommend its use.

Once you create a free account, you create a list of your own ‘favorites’.
It is VERY easy.

Go HERE to see the present Jamoker favorites.

If you do so after having created (and while logged in to) your own account, you can quickly and easily copy links to your account. You will see that I have added the sites from my current blogroll. And, from there you can then explore the ‘community’ of links. All the while selecting/copying links in order to add them to your account.

The best part is the very user friendly ‘tag’ option. Each site gets ‘tagged’ by Del.icio.us users to help differentiate the content of the sites. Here is what I created for the Jamoker site. The ‘tags’ help distinguish and categorize the sites. And, the ‘tags’ allow the ‘community’. With the sites I have added to my favorites, I created the ‘tags’. (Please feel free to improve my tagging for your sites.) But, for sites already tagged by other Del.icio.us users, I merely copied the pre-existing site/tags to my favorites. Many well known sites are already ‘in the system’ and tagged. Also, the Del.icio.us site includes ‘new’ and ‘popular’ tagged sites. It’s a great way to see what other people are adding…and thus, a great way to find new stuff.

Here’s a link to another, more detailed, ‘How To’ if you A) don’t trust me or B) need better instuctions.

Finally, if you have already switched to Firefox (if not, click here), you can install buttons to your linkbar that will allow you to quickly add new sites to your favorites.

Don’t forget to add The Jamoker to your favorites…

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