Didn’t do any active searching yesterday.
Too busy with the current job to spend any time looking for a new one…which really sucks.

I mean…come on…how can I be expected to find the dream job when I have all of these assignments on my to-do list?

Didn’t do any surfing of the good job sites.
Didn’t frequent any Agency sites to check their job listings.

And, today is prolly gonna be just as busy…

I did have a brainstorm on the commute, though. I was actively contemplating Zilla’s suggestion/request from a post comment below and, all of a sudden, shouted out, “Eureka!!”

The resume process is so out of date, in my opinion.
Given the technological advances of the last ten years, why are we still using a piece of paper to represent our work experience and personalities? My brainstorm is/was that there was surely a better way…

“and, stop calling me shirley”

Well, here is what I came up with…


So, now you know a LOT about me. You know my name, employers, and clients…an enterprising sort could prolly get a home loan with that kind of info. So, don’t be evil.

Also…it is very much still in the early stages and a work in progress. In fact, it currently looks no better than a standard resume. I have a bunch of ideas, though. So, hopefully it will get better and land me the job I’ve always wanted.

Last, you’ll note I went with WordPress. The reason is simple. It is a better blog system. Nothing against Blogger, but WordPress has more features. And, it presents a look that is cleaner and a little more savvy. Considering it is also a free service, the (slight) learning curve was worth the result.

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