Having mentioned crazy drivers and the sunday speed trap before, being able to make this post delites me a lot.

Exhibit A shows a jamoke in a blue Expedition. Pic was taken immediately after said jamoke had just A) approached a cluster of cars at easily 100 mph, B) crossed two lanes of traffic to the slow lane to get around said cluster C) crossed two lanes back to the passing lane in front of said cluster and D) done so quite erratically. Of special note is that A) this maneuver occurred in less time than it took you to read the sentences describing the incident B) there are two little carriers of the Jamokers highly sought after genetic code in that black Escape and C) Mr. Policeman witnessed the entire thing and has already hopped in his vehicle.

Exhibit B shows karma catching up to said jamoke.

Pardon me while I snicker.

P.S. – This ninja-cam episode was not planned. Camera was in my possession for another reason entirely. But, the beauty of a digital SLR camera (Nikon D50 in this case) is the nanosecond fast boot time. Bag to foto time took less than three seconds. So, technology CAN improve my creativity.

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