Spoke with an agency recruiter today.
This was one of the “irons in the fire” previously mentioned.
Good conversation, all in all.
There is, however, a potential inter-agency non-poaching agreement in place that would preclude me from consideration as long as I’m employed by the current agency…which is dumb, considering the circumstances.
I explained as much and may have made an impact.
Recruiter is going to speak to the higher-ups about it.
A friend of a friend arranged this entire conversation.
We’ll know more next week…

Sent an email to an old coworker who now works for company C.
“Catch up…how ya doing…hey, you hear about XYZ?…ya, it’s too bad…but, it means I’m searching for a job…really just wide open with my search…”
Old coworker promises to have some conversations with the bigs at the agency for company C
Old coworker knows I’ll return the favor down the way.
We’ll know more next week…

Got an email back from an internet job site/recruiter stating that the agency for company C wasn’t interested.
No reason why was given.
The obligatory “kiss off” of “they’ll keep your info on file” was mentioned.
I demanded a better explanation.
We’ll see if that gets me anything…

(yes…these two are for what would be the same agency…just an illustration that friends/connections are always better than the anonymous site or recruiter contact)

And, finally…
I got a call yesterday from a person to whom I had once mentioned I would want to work at his same company. He reminded me of my statement and asked if I still had the same attitude.
This person had zero knowledge of the present Jamoker Search. His call was ‘out of the blue’.
It would mean departing the agency world.
It would mean starting over…near the bottom…at least initially…
It would mean staying put for the near term.
It would mean selling something processed.
It would mean going back to a life and mindset I thought I had left behind.
What is it that’s said about “going home”?
We’ll know more next week…

Never underestimate the power of networking…and relationships…

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