I’m too lazy right now to look for the links to the original articles I read on this topic…and, I forgot to tag ’em to my Delicious when I read them. Sometimes my inspiration isn’t immediate. Only later and after the fact did I realize I had an opinion on this topic.

The topic is Comments on Blogs.

The general sense I have discovered is that the people who view sites with lots of comments think then the site is better. Sites with no comments, by contrast, are not worthy.

To me, this sounds like too much like a high school popularity contest type of criteria. It is a stoopid chicken vs. the egg scenario. And, frankly, it isn’t a fair way to assess the content of the site.

Nevermind the ‘first mover’ status (if I had started blogging back when I first discovered it, I too could be in the top 100…but, then again, since I don’t talk about computers, politics, or poop/sex or celebrities, maybe not) that meant that some people immediately got the mindshare and thus became the Blogging A-List and have then continued to grow their readership, comments don’t equal status. Most sites I have seen with lots of comments get lots of traffic, yes. But, I have seen a lot of sites with few comments that also get lots of traffic.

And, more importantly, the comments themselves can usually be broken down into the following categories:
20% cheerleading – “hey I think you’re site is great…I totally agree with you…”
60% spam/flame – “you need to see my penis enlargement site”…or…”you suck”
10% shameless self-promotion – “you should see my site”
5% actual ‘conversation’ – “I see what you said and would offer this salient response”
5% family members – if your own blood/kin don’t agree and disagree the world would certainly stop spinning

So, when viewing a site with no comments or one with lots of comments, I pay attention to the content instead. If I like it, I will link to it or blogroll it or post it to Delicious.

I think doing those things means more, in the end, than being elected class president.

OR…maybe this is my attempt to rationalize the fact that I get no comment love…

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