What with all of the great Web 2.0 and Social Networking things happening recently (Hugh at GapingVoid has a great starter list of Web 2.0 Mavens, if you are interested), it seems a little discouraging that the job search process remains stuck in the 70s.

Surely the tech elite can get this fixed???

Here’s the scenario…
Go to a company’s website or Monster or CareerBuilder or HotJobs…or Craigslist…
Find an interesting job.
Email (woohoo, how progressive) a resume in Word or PDF to an anonymous ‘jobs@hereDOTcom.

Then, cue the Jeopardy music, sit idly by and…

Wait for someone to never call.
Or, get the stupid automatically generated email that looks like this:

Thanks for sending you resume to Blank Company and considering us in your job search. Finding the perfect job is hard work, and your effort is appreciated. We want you to know that your resume has not been tossed in a pile in the corner of some dank office, nor is it being used as a coaster for someone’s hot mug of coffee. It’s in the process of being reviewed. Should we currently have an open position that matches your specific skills and would like to speak to you further, we’ll contact you and ask that you interview and complete an application. In the unfortunate case that we don’t have a position that you’re suited for right now, we’ll gladly keep your resume in our active file for three months. That’s right, in the active file, not file 13. Really.


People Department

Malarkey. Baloney. BS.
Very witty and creative for an automatic email, but I don’t believe it for a second.

Are we to believe that the People Dept. is TOO busy to send a personal response? Are we to believe that this HR person gets SOOO many emails he/she HAS to have the automatic email responder? Are we to believe that the application and resume are ever even viewed/reviewed by a human?

I don’t think so. People Dept. sounds like a euphemism for an HR ERP software package from PeopleSoft, Oracle or SAP.

Since the advent of the internet, I have received MORE calls from real live HeadHunters…not less. And, I would suspect that there are MORE people doing the age-old job of calling people about a position, determining his/her interest, and then selling that person back to the company than there were before the internet. Meaning, the internet has NOT increased the efficiency of the job search and recruitment process. It has made it less efficient.

So, why do companies allow you to submit your resume online? For marketing purposes, I presume. It presents the idea that the company is progressive. In the end, though, the reality is that the HR Dept. has been downsized to one person…who spends all of his/her time making sure the HMO paperwork is submitted correctly by the exisiting employees.

So, what about Web 2.0 and the job search? I don’t know. I haven’t had an original idea in a long time…that part of the brain shriveled from non-use during my years of working in an agency, I guess…but, there has got be an idea here. If nothing else, someone could throw some AJAX code at it, get some VC funding, and then sell it to yahoogle for a couple million…

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