Having mentioned car spots I like, it only seems fair to dissect those I think are stoopid.

This is one of them…

This is a :60 spot. That means it cost Cadillac/GM $5 million dollars JUST to air it during the stupor bole. And, :30 of the spot doesn’t EVEN show the product. Instead, the cliched fashion show with the ‘edgy’ filtered lighting is, I suppose, intended to highten the suspense. Whatever.

The disclaimer appears along the bottom of the screen stating that a ‘2007 Cadillac Escalade is shown before the vehicle is revealed. So, the suspense is killed.

(Never mind why the lawyers even thought it necessary to have that legalese in the spot anyway. I’m surprised they didn’t also say ‘dramatization’ or ‘don’t try this at home’…the legalese in commercials is getting soooo stoopid.)

But, more importantly, what is the purpose of having the objects rise from the ‘water’? Is this a metaphor I’m not getting? Sure Cadillac equals fashion show. I get that. It’s been done to death and is no longer creative or witty…but I get it. The rising from the water just doesn’t make sense though.

Cadillac is cool again because of great product. This commercial is a waste of time and effort AND money.

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