Given the circumstances, it is especially interesting (and highly ludicrous) to have been given this Intellectual Property Rights Agreement yesterday, with a request to sign and return it immediately.  Doesn’t a person actually have to be an Intellectual to be considered for these things? Aren’t lawyers great? The LAST thing I’m going to tell them is that I have a couple of blogs. And, if I’m ‘on the street’ in a couple of weeks, getting in trouble for refusing to sign this is NOT a concern.

Intellectual Property Rights Agreement

I enter this agreement in consideration of the compensation paid for services I perform for Blank Corporation or a Blank Corporation’s subsidiary, either as an employee or otherwise under contract to Blank Corporation.

I assign to Blank Corporation all rights to all patents, trademarks, service marks, mask works and copyrights on all names, logos, software, music, lyrics, photographs, video recordings, writings, designs, inventions and works that I conceive, make, invent or suggest during the term of such services and that are connected with my work or are otherwise related to the business of Blank Corporation. (The business of Blank Corporation includes the business of Blank Corporation’s subsidiaries, and includes the business that exists or is anticipated at the time the rights come into existence.)

I will promptly disclose such writings, designs, inventions and works to Blank Corporation.

At Blank Corporation’s request, whether during or after the term of such services, I will sign patent applications and other lawful papers that Blank Corporation considers helpful to secure and enforce such rights. Blank Corporation will bear all expense related to such activities.

This agreement does not apply to an invention that I developed entirely on my own time without using Blank Corporation’s equipment, supplies, facilities, or trade secret information except for those inventions that either relate at the time of conception or reduction to practice of the invention directly to Blank Corporation’s business or to actual or demonstrably anticipated research or development of Blank Corporation, or result from any work performed by me for Blank Corporation . This agreement does not affect Blank Corporation’s ownership of rights in works made for hire.

I will protect Blank Corporation’s Classified Information and other proprietary information created or obtained in the course of my services. Blank Corporation’s Classified Information is information classified as Blank Corporation Confidential or Blank Corporation Secret.

I will not disclose to Blank Corporation, or use in performing services for Blank Corporation, any proprietary information belonging to others (including my prior employers) unless I have their prior written approval, or any of my prior inventions that Blank Corporation is not entitled to use.

I will return to Blank Corporation, at the time my services for Blank Corporation cease or upon any earlier request, all documents and other materials containing any Blank Corporation Classified Information or other proprietary information created or obtained in the course of my services. I will not engage in any outside activity that would involve the use or disclosure of any Blank Corporation’s Classified Information or other proprietary information created or obtained in the course of my services unless I have prior written approval from a Blank Corporation’s officer. This obligation is not changed by termination of my services for Blank Corporation.

This agreement replaces any prior agreement regarding this subject matter and is binding on my executors, administrators, heirs, legal representatives and assigns. This agreement may be modified only by another written agreement, or by a written endorsement on this agreement, signed by both Blank Corporation and me.

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Would YOU sign it?