I hate trying to get email while traveling. It’s not so much the weight and hassle of lugging the (piece of shit rhymes with farmer in the bell) laptop around. It’s not so much that being away from the office allows the “please respond right away” emails to pile up. No, the issue I have is the cost and misguided strategy of hotel and airport wireless internet connections. Sitting in an airport…waiting for the next flight…sitting in the hotel lobby after the meeting…waiting for the taxi or the shuttle…I just want to power up quickly, do a quick download, and then log out. (The dead time while on the plane can then be used for the actual reading and responding to the emails.) And, the amount of time spent logged in to the wireless signal may only be about ten minutes for this type of scenario. Surely there would be free wireless?? No. Instead, I have to log in to an UNSECURE network and provide a credit card number. Excuse me? And, besides, having to pay $10 or $20 or even $0.99 for 10 minutes of use is just silly. I have a better idea. Make the people that are using wireless for an extended amount of time be the ones that have to pay. Make it a two tier pricing strategy instead. Zero to 10 minutes would be free. After ten minutes, let the cabal collect their exorbitant fees in order to make their quarterly revenue numbers.

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