Weeks have now passed since the search began and yet the reality is that I am no closer to the desired goal. I have remained positive and of good cheer, since I know I’m fortunate to have lots of options. But, I would like to start seeing some progress.

Earlier this week I was contacted by a new headhunter. The job he discussed with me would be great because the client will soon be dominating the world. It would be nice, for a change, to have a client with positive momentum. It would require a move, though…and the location is in a much more humid clime. I told the recruiter to “release the hounds with all possible haste”. Now, again, the waiting begins.

I spent a couple of days traveling with the clients this week too. Lots and lots of side conversations and jokes were made about the “situation” by all parties, including myself. Typically, I have been making the joke that “I hope whatever new agency I work for gives me a new laptop…chuckle chuckle chuckle.” But, the jokes by the clients are telling as well. They are stressed about their own jobs and need the release only laughter can bring. And, too, they pause after laughing and look at me with a serious eye and tell me I have nothing to worry about…that I’ll be fine. They don’t know, however, that I’m actively looking for a new position. They don’t realize that I would probably have started my search around this time anyway. They don’t know I’m looking for new experiences. The agency consolidation announcement merely hastened my effort.

Then, yesterday, another bit of bad news was passed along to me by a friend. Another of the large domestic car companies has decided to consolidate its agency people. So, the hits just keep on coming. The competition for available jobs just increased 100 fold. Folks with fewer options than I have will be pounding the pavement a lot harder…

Good thing I’m not stressed!

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