One of the only good things about being on the road for several days for work is that I get to catch up on my movies. Since I rarely get to a theatre anymore…and home time is spent teaching myself CSS, XML and HTML (that’s a joke, btw), when I’m not abusing the kids…I watch films on my laptop. Recently I viewed Lord of War with Nicholas Cage and Jared Leto.

This is a powerful film. And, it was difficult to watch.

The subject matter is part of what causes the difficulty. Since the movie’s title sort of gives away the plot, it won’t matter if I mention that the characters are gun runners. But, the moral and ethical choices the characters make during the story were what affected me more. They are human and they make compromises and rationalizations.

And, for me, it is always very difficult watching a film where the characters self destruct and make bad decisions. This is why I don’t watch horror films. It’s why I hated the ending of Seven.

I do recommend the movie, though. It’s a 5 star (out of 5) flick. The plot/story, narrative style, acting, and cinematography are all great. This movie should have gotten more attention. That it didn’t must mean that lots of people deal with ‘difficult story lines’ in much the same way that I do. Which is too bad…