A VC in NYC is a great blog I frequently visit for insight into the happenings of the tech world. (there’s an awkward sentence) Today, the VC wrote about the Dog and Pony show cliche.

…a dog and pony show used to be a cheap version of a traveling circus featuring dogs and ponies, but now it means a road show where management travels around meeting with potential investors.

Both are certainly traveling circuses. But in the modern version, the tricks are different. Getting the wifi and the LCD projector to work in the three minutes before the investors come into the conference room is a particular favorite of mine.

Similar to the Venture Capitalist/Investing world roadshow he references, the advertising/marketing world has its version of the traveling circus. Fly to another city, navigate the rental car guantlet, experience and wonder about the deja vu’ of the scenery of the highway and the directions to the hotel. Haven’t we been here before? And then, after finally arriving at the meeting location, praying the computer and LCD projector and sound system will work. What could possibly make it any more stressful? Well, half of the client audience arrived early and want to leave early, so there’s no time for a run through or even any changes to the powerpoint before starting.

I just haven’t determined if I’m the dog or the pony…